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Asset Protection Planning                                               The Complete Book of Trusts, 2nd Edition

by Michael N. Brette, JD w/ Richard L. Meckes, Esq.                                    by Martin M. Shenkman, JD

Griffin Publishing Group © 1997                                                                      John Wiley & Sons © 1997

ISBN: 1-882180-84-4                                                                                           ISBN: 0-471-17044-5


The Complete Book of Trusts, 2nd Edition  (Hardbound)                      A Guide to Asset Protection

by Martin M. Shenkman, JD                                                                            by Robert F. Klueger, Esq.

John Wiley & Sons © 1997                                                                      John Wiley & Sons, Inc. © 1997

ISBN: 0-471-17044-5                                                                                           ISBN: 0-471-14885-7


Managing Family Trusts                                                                     Asset Protection for Physicians

by Rob Rikoon, Larry Waschka                                                                            by Robert J. Mintz, Esq.

Published by: John Wiley & Sons (July 1999)                                            Francis O’Brien & Sons © 1999

ISBN: 047132115X                                                                                               ISBN: 0-9639971-2-2


Making Partnerships Work                                                               Asset Protection Planning Guide

by Holmes F. Crouch                                                                 by Barry S. Engel and David L. Lockwood

All Year Tax Guides © 1998                                                                                   CCH Solutions © 2001

ISBN: 0-94481-752-1                                                                                            ISBN: 0-80800-549-9


Investing and Managing Trusts                                               Winning Asset Protection Strategies

by John Train                                                                                                             by Robert J. Mintz

Harvard Business School Press 1999                                                      Francis O'Brien & Sons © 1999

ISBN: 0-87584-861-3                                                                                                                  ISBN:


Your Trustee Duties                                                                                 The Truth About Trusts

by Holmes F. Crouch                                                                                    by Jack W. Everett, CFP

All Year Tax Guides © 1998                                                                         FTPC Publishing © 1999

ISBN: 0-94481-752-1                                                                                    ISBN: 0-9626341-4-X



Family Trusts & Trustors                                               The Executor's Handbook, 2nd Edition

by Holmes F. Crouch                                                             by Theodore E. Hughes & David Klein

All Year Tax Guides © 2001                                                                     Checkmark Books © 2001

ISBN: 0-944817-61-0                                                                                    ISBN: 0-8160-4426-0



  The Medi-Cal Advantage

   Lofton & Lofton, Attys at Law

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Bandow, Doug, THE POLITICS OF PLUNDER: MISGOVERNMENT IN WASHINGTON, New Brunswick, Transaction Publishers,1990--An attack on statism; charges that the federal government and interest groups have mismanaged the political process and argues for a reduction in federal power and a return to local power. Bandow's objective is to develop a new political perspective that transcends both conservative and liberal boundaries and emphasizes individual liberty, and tolerance of others. 495 pages

Bennett, James T. and DiLorenzo, Thomas J., UNDERGROUND GOVERNMENT: THE OFF-BUDGET PUBLIC SECTOR, Washington, D.C., Cato Institute, 1983.

Blais and Dion, THE BUDGET MAXIMIZING-BUREAUCRAT:APPRAISALS AND EVIDENCE, Univ of Pittsburgh Press, 1991--Thirteen scholars evaluate findings relevant to William Niskanen's provocative model of bureaucractic behavior and he offers a reassessment of his theory. 366 pages.

DioGuardi, Joseph J., CPA, UNACCOUNTABLE CONGRESS: IT DOESN'T ADD UP, Washington, D.C., Regnery Gateway, 1992--This accountant exposes the deceptions that mask the spending of hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars from his unique role as a lone CPA-congressman. He exposes a dozen dishonest budget gimmicks, including "negative money" and the "magic asterisk." DioGuardi offersseven urgent reforms to clean up the abuse. 113 pages.

Fitzgerald, Randall and Lipson Gerald, PORK BARREL: THE UNEXPURGATED GRACE COMMISSION STORY OF CONGRESSIONAL PROFLIGACY, Washington, D.C.,Cato Institute, 1984.

Grace, Peter J., BURNING MONEY: THE WASTE OF YOUR TAX DOLLARS, New York: Macmillan Publishing Company, 1984--Findings of the Grace Commission, condensed and made readily understandable. Humorous as well as informative.

Grace, Peter J., WAR ON WASTE, MacMillan, 1984--- A report to President Reagan from the Private Sector Survey On Cost Control, known as the Grace Commission. 583 pages

Kennedy and Lee, A TAXPAYER SURVEY OF THE GRACE COMMISSION REPORT, Green Hill Publishers, 1984, Condensation of the 47-volume, 21,000 page report produced by the private-sector Grace Commission headed by Democrat, Peter Grace at the request of Ronald Reagan. Book shows quickly and simply how government excesses are costing taxpayers billions of dollars. paperback 150 pages

Leonard, Herman B., CHECKS UNBALANCED: THE QUIET SIDE OF PUBLIC SPENDING, New York: Basic Books, Inc. Publishers, 1986--Shows how the true public debt is much larger than we think; presents ideas about the less visible forms of government spending as well as those, like social security, which are growing at an explosive rate. Makes thoughtful suggestions. 279 pages

Peterson, Peter and Howe, Neil, ON BORROWED TIME; HOW THE GROWTH IN ENTITLEMENT SPENDING THREATENS AMERICA'S FUTURE, ICS Press, 1988--A former Secretary of Commerce demonstrates that our nation cannot afford all the spending that has been promised. Because of future demographic and social forces, entitlement spending will become a crushing burden to future American workers. Shows we are buying gratification today at the expense of preparation for tomorrow. 412 pages

Rasor, Diane, Editor, MORE BUCKS LESS BANG: HOW THE PENTAGON BUYS INEFFECTIVE WEAPONS, Fund for Constitutional Government, 1983--A compilation of articles from many journalists writing about more than a dozen diverse weapon systems and the bureaucracy that makes often wasteful and overpriced purchases. 335 pages

Rogers, H. P., THE AMERICAN DEFICIT: FULFILLMENT OF A PROPHECY?, Wellington, CA 1988--Highlights wasteful projects and gives examples of extravagant practices in administering government programs, from duplicity to outmoded equipment and inadequate statistics.. 230 pp

Wacht, Richard F., A NEW APPROACH TO CAPITAL BUDGETING FOR CITY AND COUNTY GOVERNMENTS, Georgia State Univ, 1987--The multiperiod capital budgeting approach to plan, implement and control new capital projects. 149 pages.

Weiner, Tim, BLANK CHECK: THE PENTAGON'S BLACK BUDGET, New York, Warner Books, 1990--An investigative reporter reveals the multibillion-dollar cache used to fund every defense program, every espionage mission, every weapon and every war that the President, the Secretary of Defense and the Director of the CIA want erased from the public ledger and shielded from public debate. 264 pages

Wildavsky, Aaron, HOW TO LIMIT GOVERNMENT SPENDING, Univ of CA Press, 1981--Argues for a constitutional amendment limiting federal expenditure to a fixed percentage of the Gross National Product in order to both decrease taxes and lessen inflation. 197 pages.

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